Monday, April 4, 2011

A Moose and Wombat

The days are ticking by and it's getting closer to the time during our pregnancy when we said "goodbye" to Moose. We're at week 24, well, tomorrow if you're going to get technical about it. Ten more weeks and it's that week. The week where I thought I was going to the hospital to possibly deliver a baby, but instead heard those words.

This time, things feel different. Wombat moves often while Moose was a quiet baby. Wombat isn't making me into a really picky eater, Moose hated when I ate pretty much anything. Wombat lets me walk around and do things; Moose preferred me playing video games or watching a movie. Every pregnancy is different just like every child is different. Yet these are my babies.

At this point, they exist in the same realm, but what happens if/when Wombat because a living baby who survives outside my womb? Does that make Moose any less my baby? No. It's just like when they were in the womb. One child is one way, and the other child is another.

Wombat will always be a younger sibling. Moose will always be the oldest sibling. Just like any younger sibling, Wombat will get hand-me-downs. There's blankets; toys; a swing; and, of course, lots of clothes.

Wombat will come into a family scared with loss and Moose will share that family. Somehow, we'll all be one family with children in two different realms. Never forgetting. Always remembering. Forever loving.