Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Tried It: Lactation Cookies

So I read about these magic Lactation Cookies* on my local La Leche League Facebook page. My thoughts were as follows:
  1. I can eat cookies to make more milk?
  2. I like cookies.
  3. I wonder if they're some kind of gross, weird cookie with kookie things in them?
  4. Let's ask Chef Google.
  5. Hmm, they have chocolate chips in them.
  6. I like chocolate chips.
  7. I like chocolate chips and cookies.
  8. I'm totally making these cookies
  9. Hold on, what's brewer's yeast?
  10. I think I need to go to the organic grocery store for this.
I braved a trip to the expensive, organic store, where they were actually really helpful; picked up old fashioned oats, brewer's yeast, and some flax (not the milled flax though, which I could've gotten at the regular grocery store). It didn't even cost that much either even with the Lactation Tea I picked up.

When I got home, I really wanted to make these cookies, but like every mother knows, things happen which means other things don't get done.

For over a week, other things happened and my cookies waited until the other night. It was cookie time. Truthfully, I mixed up the batter one night and cooked half of it the next day and am saving the rest.

My cookies. See there's not any visible chocolate chips. That means they need more.

So here are some tips:
  1. Make sure your husband/partner doesn't turn off the timer.
  2. Take the cookies out when they're still really soft. Mine are dried out because I thought they needed to get a little hard.
  3. My husband wants to add molasses, so there's totally some fooling around you can do with the recipe. I read on the comments below the recipe that people had cut out a lot of the sugar.
  4. I used peanut butter instead of almond butter and mine had a slight peanut butter taste.
  5. I'm adding more chocolate chips next time.
As for the actual taste, both my husband and I like them. Plus, with all the good things in them, we can easily fool ourselves into believing that they're good for us. All in all, we'll make them again.

If you want to make them, here's the recipe.

*One important thing to know about these cookies, my husband and I call them "poopkies" because they cleaned us out. Maybe it's because I used regular flax instead of milled flax though. However, it's not like we ate Colon Blow.

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  1. These are pretty good cookies, I made some too and had the same thoughts!

    The second time I made them, I actually used my Monster Cookie recipe (no flour, less sugar) and added the brewers yeast and flax and they came out EVEN better! In fact I am eating one for "breakfast" right now!