Monday, January 10, 2011

Update on Wombat

We went to the High Risk Doctor (HRD) Friday. It was kind of reassuring, but also upseting. Our doctor's office for Moose was supposed to supply us with all the information from Moose including autopsy, test results, bloodwork, whatever. Well, they didn't, so the HRD didn't have all the information that was needed. On top of that, the appointment was made wrong. My new doctor's office made the appointment like I had preterm labor as in delivered a healthy LIVING baby, just early instead of an Angel Baby. Ack! We didn't get to do all the things we were supposed to do because it was too busy. Now, were' going back to them two more times in a little more than a month and seeing the new doctor probably twice in the same amount of time. There's going to be lots of appointments.

Oh, and we're hoping to still have a Bradley Birth with Wombat, but the HRD doesn't want me to go past Week 39. Wombat, you hear that. Please, come before Week 39 if you're healthy and ready. I really don't want a C-section, but, if that what it takes for me to hold you, I'll do it.

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  1. That totally sucks on all the mix-ups with the HRD! Hopefully your next appointment will be more productive!