Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Week 21ish Check-Up

Wombat, my husband, and I all went to the regular doctor Friday. Wombat was scanned, photographed, and recorded on video. We never had a video of Moose, so it was really cool that we received a DVD after the ultrasound tech was done. It also marked the first time that Wombat didn't want to move into the perfect positions; I actually had to lay on my side at one point.

As far as the actual appointment, everything went well. Wombat's heart rate was 150 beats per minute, so that looks like a boy according to that Old Wives' Tale. However, the Chinese gender chart shows a girl, so who knows. I'm still unsure, but I did have a little dream while watching the Paris-Nice cycling race the other day. (Yes, my husband and I love cycling. No football in this house.)

In this dream, I heard Bob Roll talk about our son being in the Tour de France. It was so totally awesome. I mean, our kids don't have to actually be bike riders, but having a dream about our son being in the Tour was pretty freaking awesome. And hearing Bob Roll talk to Phil Liggett about our son was, well, awesome.

But I still have no idea what gender our baby is. My husband thinks we're having a girl, my sister thinks we're having a girl, his family thinks we're having a girl, and I'm completely unsure. Isn't the mother supposed to have some kind of feeling?

So to sum it up: everything looks good, but I still have no idea the gender of our baby unlike everyone else. I'm also getting weaker and wanting to find out Wombat's gender. Help me stay Team Green.

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