Monday, March 7, 2011

Mothers who Miscarry/Deliver a Stillborn Baby Get the Death Penatly

Yeah, that's the law being proposed in Georgia. Reading about it made my heart beat, my blood boil, and brought me to tears. I'm sure there's lots out there to read, but honestly, I can't read anymore. The things I read were enough. If you'd like to read more, just type it into Google and find a site you find reputable.

As a mother who lost her baby for unknown reasons, I'm just astounded that anyone would dare to propose this, especially someone who is an elected official in America. The way the bill is written, it means that any woman who suffers a pregnancy loss must prove that she had nothing to do with her baby's death.

Yes, it's meant to overturn Roe v. Wade, but I'm not talking about abortion. I'm talking about mothers who wanted their being tried as criminals due to nature. No, it doesn't sound logical, but that doesn't matter. It matters that someone wants it enacted. Can you wrap your head around that? I mean, really put that in your head and process it.

Yeah, if this passes, it means that, in addition to the pain of never going home with her baby, a woman must somehow prove she did nothing to harm her baby. With all the "you can have this, but not that. Oh wait a minute, this week, you can have that, but not this," out there, it seems the chance of a pregnant woman accidentally doing something which may be seen as harmful very easy. Did she take a small swallow of coffee after she found out? Death! Did she not read the label close enough on that unpasteurized cheese? Death! Did she forget her prenatals that one day because she couldn't stop throwing up? Death!

Yeah, maybe I'm taking it a little far, but I'm hurt and protective. Don't attack my Angel Moms! We are bound together in a realm of sisterhood. Plus, how could I ever prove I did nothing to harm my baby when no cause was ever found? Does that automatically mean this man wants me tried for murder? Doesn't he know that I already have a life sentence? There's no worse punishment than that.

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  1. This proposal made me sick when I heard about it. What an ignorant Piece of sh*t this guy is to truly believe that this is even worth teh air it takes im to breathe during the suggestion. There is no way that will hold up. Im so sorry you even had to hear of such an absurd proposition, but I think (and pray) that the majority of the public is more intellegent than to buy into this....xoxo