Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2 Pounds

So as I stated before, I'm doing Wii Fit (thanks ZJ Titan for the awesome Christmas present). Well, I guess it's working because instead of gaining weight, I'm losing it and not just according to Wii Fit either. The doctor's weight said I lost weight.

Yes, please, everyone hate me now.

It's crazy. What woman in her fourth month of pregnancy (and hasn't been that sick) actually loses weight? I do that's who. It's all coming from my fatty thighs though, not the belly. The belly grows and grows and grows. Obviously I'm proud, but we did ask the doctor. She said it's fine because she won't be concerned until I reach the thrid trimester. Plus, it's only 2 pounds in a month. Nothing crazy from not eating or anything. Besides, Wombat and I love food way too much.

I'm just glad to be getting in better shape for our Wombat. Anyone else start exercising while pregnant? Did it do anything?

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