Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Red, Red Wine

We went to the doctor again yesterday. This time it was just the regular doctor, but still, we heard a nice heartbeat. As far as all the tests, so far, everything is normal. Nice, but I wish they could tell me that I'll 100% have a baby in July who will leave the hospital with me. However, saying that I know that there are the less than 3% who aren't lucky. If I'm one of the lucky ones, that just means that some other woman is walking away in tears again. Statistics do come from somewhere, right?

As far as how I feel, I have a baby in my lungs. I can't breathe and it's annoying. Yes, I'm a woman who has an Angel Baby complaining about being pregnant, but pregnancy is freaking hard. Maybe if I could have a medium rare steak with a really nice glass of Cabernet, I'd shut up for a little while, but I can't. Well done steak with milk or juice or water or, for a treat, grape soda. I just want some wine, really good red wine. It doesn't even have to be Cab. I'll just take something red.

So, yes, I'm complaining like any other pregnant woman about missing something she can't have while pregnant. Guess I've got something in common with regular pregnant women than I thought.

What are/were the things you missed while you were pregnant?

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